How to integrate Payment Gateway into a website?

  • July 18, 2019
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Have you ever wondered how many transactions you are doing in a day. And how many of them are done via online payment mode or in cash. With the improving technologies and much more access to every product which are easily available online, we are now much more comfortable in making online payments via payment gateway.

But have you ever noticed that while making a transaction you do not directly have access to banks? In between the transaction, a payment gateway is been shown, and sometimes you even have chosen from the options of gateway.

Have you ever given a thought what exactly this is and how this is anyhow related to making a payment? Why not can’t we directly put up the credentials of our bank online account and make payments.

Let’s dive into it and see what it is and how it works and the methods to integrate the gateway with your business.

What is Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway is provided by e-commerce industries or any brick and mortar shop for making safe transactions. It verifies from the banks for making any transaction safe and secure. While making credit card transactions these gateways help to make transaction legal by changing currency. It secures the payment fraud by making it follow the standard of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS or PCI).

How It Works?

When transaction is being done, Payment gateways encrypts the details of a customer using SSL encryption which is then sent to the banks. The bank then validates the details and allow for further closing the transaction. The whole process takes couples of seconds.

Types of Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways are generally of three types:


It is used by much small e-commerce business. Redirect Payment Gateways takes the customer to payment gateway option site for complete transaction. The transaction includes complete processing and payment on the payment gateway page.

Checkout on site, payment off-site

This kind of payment lets you do the complete processing and check out procedure on site, but the payment via payment gateway site. The transaction time will be completely dependent on the quality of payment gateways.

On-site Payments

On-site payment gateways happen on the same website. The entire checkout process happens without redirecting to another website. This requires a lot safer website for making the complete transaction.

How to integrate Payment Gateway?

Integrating a payment gateway is an easy task if you are little bit aware of the technologies. You don’t have to be tech savvy to make it the part of your business.

If it is a hosted gateway, it can be embedded by a simple code placement. Integration is done at vendor’s site by placing Java code button on the website. Clicking the button will activate payment gateway and start the transaction flow.

Another method is Direct Post Method, which is done by setting up an API connection between the vendor’s cart and the payment gateway for card data.

And the Non-hosted payment gateway is done by connecting API to the server. It requires a team of professionals. This method requires well-documented integration guide, API and portal codes.

How to choose Payment gateway providers

Choosing a payment gateway is a task in itself because it is a responsibility of providing smart and safe transaction to your clients who making purchase from your business are. Consider following for important to note points before availing the benefits of payment gateways by the providers.

Pricing: Read carefully before choosing provider. Many provide free setup for payment gateways. There are monthly charges after a setup. Providers charge for each particular transaction.

Opt for currency change and payment support: Payment gateway will do best for your business if they allow the currency change and allows for all the payment options.

Product type: Your business can be digital or physical product service providers so before choosing providers to make sure payment gateways consider types of product.

There are now numbers of payment gateways available with different pricing, options and plans. Payment Gateways should always be the safest. The more profitable the payment gateways to you, the safest it should be for your customers. Get your customers trust you for making purchase.

Proactive Professional Pvt Ltd is an experienced payment gateway service provider. We provide a complete setup for your business website for smooth and error-free transaction. If you are also looking for the best service provider, proactive professional team have best of their experts in setting up or integrating the payment gateways into your websites.

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