Virtual Receptionist/IVR

Give your customer a happy welcome to your business with a virtual receptionist. Proactive with its IVR service makes your business sound more professional.


How does it feel, when you reach to your service support in personal, frustrated with your problem and get greeted with the smile to take care and listen! Good, right!?. With the advancement in technology why make your customer, to stand in queue for your support executive help. Get your business a virtual receptionist, to hear from your every customer and get them your best support for help.

Proactive have the understanding of being in an industry of service provider from 8 years. We know the importance of the executive support to serve your existing and potential customers. We understand the requirements of expanding business and believe in serving each customer is a duty.

Proactive provides you the service of IVR to deliver the best of customer support from you. Our high-end quality IVR service comes with the integrated options to handle your executive support effectively and hustles free. Our IVR solution saves much of yours and your customer’s valuable time.


IVR is an interactive virtual receptionist taking calls on your behalf to provide them options to choose for their queries. This automated service comes with the options to customize your message to prompt when customers or clients call you. IVR is a web-based system making it easy to operate accordingly and assemble at locations. Your own IVR comes with the features like call routing, SMS alerts, Round Robin call, XML API to provide you the best support system.

Our IVR service is equipped with the advanced features. It let you provide your customer none unanswered call by providing them, the available support executive for their problems, identified with their provided information. The system keeps your customer engaged with your support while solving queries, providing them with the status quotient to hang up with your service. The IVR benefits your business providing a lead to expand your brand by tracking your customer’s generated message making you serve them.