Toll Free Number

A successful, digital strategy is based on a correct analytics setup of your business using toll free number.

toll free number

Branding With Toll Free Number

Connecting to the world, with a toll free number. Your business toll free number is your identity. Provide your customers a number, to make free calls and connect with them for a support.

A leader in digital marketing, Proactive digital, keeping the needs and effective marketing strategy of your business, in mind, avails you the service of a toll-free number for your business support. We provide you the unique toll free number, catchy to remember, to operate on the selected network. Whether your business is a startup or established from a long run, Proactive makes sure to provide a toll free number with competitively fair price plan with no hidden charges. Our system provided with toll free number service doesn’t need you to be tech savvy to operate.

toll free number

Multi Agent Access

Get your executive to take your calls in case your unavailability. Multi-agent access featured in the system allows you to handle every incoming support calls.

Multiple Channels

Never miss a single call with this multiple channel feature. Transfer the calls to other lines of your customer to avoid the delay and queue for assistance.

Welcome Greetings

Say hello personally to your customer with your personalized recorded business message. Provide them the options to know about your available services to avail.

Custom Music On Hold

Entertain your clients on hold. This custom on hold feature allows you to replace the boring silent hold with melodious sound of your choice for a period of time.

toll free number
toll free number

Vanity Number

Vanity number gives your client an ease to remember the number which results in more frequent calls for support. Proactive provide you a patterned and eye-catching number for your business to remember.

Auto Receptionist

Greet your clients personally. The feature provides you the automated attendant with menu services to give your customers easy to choose options for relevant support.

Toll Free Number

A toll-free number is an easy to remember number associated with your business. The number comes with the planned prices to serve your customers. The toll-free number allows your customers to call your business support executive without any charge for their query calls, associated with the services you provide. The number and service is accompanied with many essential features to make your business run smoothly handling each and every client timely.

A toll-free number is a powerful tool to keep the records for tracking your customer usage of your provided services. Toll-free number benefits you to build the trust relationship with your clients by keeping you connected with them 24*7.


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