Do you know about SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate, phew! The word itself has aroused many questions in the mind. And the most importantly the first thing that has been popped to many, is that what exactly this SSL is? For many of us this Certificate is the most alien term.

Do not worry let’s try to make you clear what is this so the next time you hear you won’t feel alienated.

What is SSL?

The SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It helps to keep your browsing safe and secure. It keeps your transactions, database and credentials details encrypted.

Let us make it simple to understand for you. Whenever we access websites it makes a connection with a server to access the information, these information comes in general plain text from which mean there is no encryption in between. So if anyone hacks your computer, hacker can exactly know what are you reading or writing. But when there is this SSL layer the text gets encrypted, in much simple word your reading or writing text gets altered, in the combination of words, numbers and symbols.

Now here comes the picture of the certificate

 SSL Certificate:

The SSL certificates has to be get issued to make your websites secure. An organization gets SSL certificate from an authorized SSL certificate provider to keep their business websites secured and keep their customers and users in trust for their access.

How to identify websites got a SSL Certificate?

When a website gets a SSL certificate, it displays following features:-

http changes into https, that stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure.

It displays a padlock, which shows the connection is secure between server and browser.

SSL Certificate

Where to get it from?

SSL certificate can be obtained from authorized service providers. Proactive Professional Services provides a secure SSL certificate and connection to businesses to make their business function securely. We are in the business of bulk SMS and digital marketing services from year and who will better know how much a secure and safe connections and operations matter for a business.

Hope you get what this certificate mean and how does it work. Now you will not feel alienated if you hear this term.

To avail authorized SSL certificate kindly directly contact us.


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