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  • October 26, 2016
  • SEO

Proactive solutions launches its Voice SMS service. Now let the world hear your idea. An immensely effective voice call service to reach millions at the same time.

As you know technology keeps changing and it gets better with the latest one so marketing strategy keeps changing from time to time. The business owners like you are always in search of beneficial and innovative ideas to communicate with your existing and probable customers.

Proactive Voice SMS  Service is one of the most effective and latest developments in technology towards client contact modality. It has given much better results in customer care, collections, Tele shopping, Tele marketing, Tele communications and such others. Over the time, you, the business owners, have tried several new unique ideas like Tele Marketing or Bulk Rate Postal Mailing hoping to get publicity for your own business, but these methods got fail to create high impact on the market and left most of you to look for other alternatives.

Voice SMS that are shot to thousands of call recipient to broadcast your message are called voice blast. “Voice blast” is an appropriate term used here. As the pre-recorded voice message that is sent to millions at a single point of time is like a nuclear fission. Depending upon the industry you cater to, the voice blast will have its own characteristics.

And voice broadcasting service is the one that has revolutionized the entire marketing and advertizing world. With fast outpacing mode of contact, it is used to incorporate in all the applicable fields. The cost charged is the factor that has contributed it to be highly cost-effective promotional tool.

Promotional activities, Advertising activities, Reminder activities, Emergency information, greeting activities are some of the common purposes of using them. Above mentioned are just few major categories where the voice blast features are used. The history of the voice sms based voice blast or voice broadcasting services dates back to 1990s. They were widely used for the community applications. Later with the adventure of digital marketing facilities the voice calls were recognised to be powerful marketing tools. The voice blast services are computerised services.

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