Proactive Bulk SMS Service Benefits

Proactive Bulk SMS Service Features :-

1. Proactive Bulk SMS Service lets you send a generic message to all recipients or custom message to each recipient based on a template. With our scalable and robust interface, you can send thousands of SMS messages per second based on your business needs. Schedule messages to go at a particular date & time, or setup recurring campaigns. Lower your work load and schedule your SMS for the designated time, the system will send them accordingly.

2. Schedule SMS lets users to key the future time and date, which they want the message to deliver at any specific date as well as time. Service helps in delivery of various messages, which include text-only SMS, Unicode, text combined with suitable graphics, like entries and calendars, OTA images, contact lists and bookmark entries of WAP. Once any message delivers to any receiver at deferred time, it would appear as any other type of message without any indication that an individual has drafted and scheduled it to send others later.

3. Schedule SMS is one of the best services which are provided from Proactive Bulk SMS Service. In fact, the feature has embraced widely in between large numbers of people. This service helps individuals not only in drafting of SMS, but also in programming of it for sending it at specific time. In this way, a person can deliver the message later, time based on convenience of recipient rather than sending them immediately during odd hours.

4. Sender Id is the name or number that is shown on the recipients mobile phone when they receive an SMS message. Send all your SMS with a custom Sender Id that reflects your brand or group. Depending on the telecom rules of the country, we work with operators to get the required Sender Id assigned to you.

5. Thousand of our clients have integrated our API into their applications to send alerts, notifications, confirmations and passcodes. Our flexible and powerful API works with almost any software application and major ERP solutions like SAP and Oracle APPS. If you need a custom API , our engineers will build it for your needs.

6. Monitor the progress of your SMS campaigns and broadcasts using our Instantaneous and Dynamic delivery reports (also known as CDRs). Filter, search or download reports for further analysis and transparent billing.

7. Become Our Reseller Today. Proactive’s proven white labelled solution with all latest features. User Management Over Selling Sender ID Management User Right Plan Management & Many More…

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